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Vendor Application

Compliance and Safety:


1. Compliance with Local, State, and Federal Laws: All vendors are responsible for obtaining necessary permits and are responsible for compliance with all State and Federal food and drug laws. A representative from Pop-up Carolinas and/or Wake County and other surrounding counties has the right to inspect the participating businesses at any time during the season.


2. Insurance: Vendors are required to carry general liability insurance and name Pop-up Carolinas, L.L.C. as additional insured for protection against damages, in the event any injury occurs at the market, or an injury is caused by the product(s) you sell at the market.


3. To comply with the city fire code, we require all vendors to bring a fire extinguisher and have it available at their booth throughout the market duration.



  • Each booth space is 10'x10'.

  • Tables, tents, and chairs are not provided, please bring your own. If you choose to bring a tent, you must bring appropriate weights. Please do not bring stakes since staking is not permitted in any grassy area.

  • We recommend you bring solar or battery-powered lights or electric lights. Electricity is available, but you must bring an extension cord of 50' or more to utilize it. Lights are especially recommended for markets later in the year when it gets dark earlier in the day.

  • Food Trucks must bring their own generators for power supply.

Application and Vendor Fees:

  • $10 One-time application fee (non-refundable) must be paid each time an application is filled out for selected dates.

  • You will be invoiced for all selected dates at once.

  • $95 Vendor fee for 10x10 booth and $160 fee for the food truck spots. Due within 5 days of receipt of invoice once approved.

  • Electricity is available at no additional charge, but you must bring an extension cord of 50' or more to utilize it. Food Trucks must bring their own generators.


All fees are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. 

In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule. If you are not able to make the new date, you will be refunded 75% of your booth fee.

You will be invoiced for ALL dates at once that you apply for that, you are approved for. There are no payment plans at this time.


The vendor fee is subject to change in the future without notice. If you would like to secure this pricing, you can pay in advance for the dates listed on this application and you will not be charged the difference if the price is increased at a later date.

Apply Here
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Check all applicable documents listed below that apply to your business/products:
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Check all the dates you are applying for. You will pay for all selected dates at once. Do not select dates you are not prepared to pay for. You will need to pay within 5 days from the receipt of invoice once approved. You will need to submit a new application if you want to apply for additional events.
Tented vendors, do you understand that you need to bring your own extension cord 50' or longer to utilize electricity availabe on-site?
Do you understand that the $10 application fee is non-refundable?
Do you understand that you will be invoiced for all dates selected on this application all at once?
Is this application for a Food Truck?

Thanks for applying!

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